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business partners, Logitech, writing skills October 29, 2006

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I feel refreshed and inspired when I stumble upon excellant writing during a Google search. I was searching various keyphrases related to “evaluationg business partnerships”. Too many offers, too difficult to decide which are genuinely worthwhile.

I couldn’t (quickly, as all things done on the internet) find anything relevant and substantial online, dealing with how to examine, select, and partner with other business people. I want to learn what the newest, most effective ways of forming businees partnerships in the high tech realm.

One page that was very relevant, if you look at it correctly, to my interests was a page on the Logitech site: Business Proposal Submissions



By coincidence, I happen to be a satisfied customer of Logitech, so I was intriqued. They make good cheap webcams, so I figured maybe they were also smart about business ventures.

What I found was remarkable. I’m not using this post to push or hype Logitech. I’m using this post to praise their web text writer. Here is an example of fine, relaxed, informative corporate web site writing style. They just need to break up a few chunks of text into separate paragraphs, which I’ve done below, (since this is my blog, and I can edit material as I please, but I always tell you what and how I edit it.)


What types of products or technologies does Logitech usually pursue?
Logitech researches the potential of developing just about any hardware or software product related to communication between the user and the computer. Realizing the leveraging effect of our current resources, manufacturing capabilities and distribution and sales channels, we then review market trends to determine the potential future success of the proposed product.

We tend to prefer low cost, high volume, broad appeal personal computer peripherals for the consumer market which combine excellent quality and compelling design. If the technology you have developed can substantially enhance the functionality and/or appeal of any of our current products, while still maintaining a reasonable cost, then it is more likely to generate interest within Logitech.

Similarly, if the product that you developed would allow us to bring to market a new product that complements our current product line, it is also more likely to generate interest within Logitech.

What types of products or technologies does Logitech usually not pursue?
Just as it is impossible to state exactly what will interest Logitech, it is also difficult to state what we will not consider. Also, please keep in mind that while we value innovation and creativity, we must be mindful of Logitech’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall company business model.

We must also regard the fact that our development and manufacturing resources are finite. Logitech must carefully choose which products and technology it develops. In other words, while there are many good products and technologies available, not all of them are good for Logitech. There are no hard-and-fast rules for what products or technologies Logitech will or will not want to pursue, however, due to the above mentioned reasons, Logitech does not accept the following:

  • Niche Markets – low volume, higher cost products aimed at a very specific market. While we have occasionally produced, and will continue to produce, niche market products for strategic reasons, they are generally not within the scope of our business. Alternatively, they may be markets in which we have already investigated and sometimes previously produced products. Some examples of these include novelty mouse shapes/designs, devices specifically aimed at the children’s market like our Kidz Mouse, left-handed versions of our right-handed products such as our MouseMan Lefty, and finally products for the therapeutic, medical or handicapped market which we support through other avenues.
  • “Peripheral Peripherals” – products which are marketed stand-alone as an add-on to a current product. These include products such as mouse-pads, mouse “houses”, wrist-rests and speaker stands. While Logitech is unlikely to manufacture such products for you, this does not preclude bundling opportunities if you are already manufacturing the product yourself. However, these type of inquires fall outside of this business evaluation process and would be handled through our Marketing and Sales group.
  • Ergonomic Enhancing Products – Logitech designs its products with an eye towards comfort as well as aesthetics. As stated above, the ergonomic enhancing or therapeutic market is a niche market and most of the devices produced would be considered peripheral peripherals – neither of which are generally within the scope of Logitech’s business model.
  • Industrial Designs – Logitech takes pride in its innovative and unique industrial designs. While Logitech industrial designs have consistently received awards worldwide, we realize there are many other creative industrial designers external to Logitech. However as Logitech continues to evolve our unique industrial designs for future products, we must assure we are not being tainted by potentially similar design efforts. As a result, Logitech’s policy is not to accept any industrial design submissions from individuals or companies unless they were specifically solicited and presently under contract by Logitech.

If deemed by Logitech that your submission meets any or all of the above mentioned criteria, it will be rejected without further review.

A final note: By stating that Logitech does not accept products fitting the descriptions in this section, we do not mean to imply that these are bad products or technologies or that there is no market for them. It is simply that we feel that they involve business, development, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution models which fall outside of our core business areas.




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