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7 challenges of CEO blogging September 17, 2006

Posted by electrica in CEO blogs, Visionary Leadership.

(1) Conversation:

are you willing and eager to form candid, sincere relationships online with your customers? or would you prefer to NOT have to listen to their complaints, suggestions, questions, or critiques?

(2) Response:

are you willing to reply quickly to comments posted by readers? or do you want to be aloof and just post your thoughts?

(3) Dedication:

(a) are you willing to be a devoted blogger, which means reading other blogs, posting comments on other blogs, and assembling a list of blogs you like for your sidebar? or do you want to just post articles and be done with it?

(b) are you going to demonstrate your visionary zeal and experiment with podcasts, photos, sidebar enhancements, RSS/Atom feed syndication, tags, and videoblogging? or are you going to do the bare minimum, and have only a plain text blog?

(4) Courage:

are you ready to risk looking foolish, awkward, or unprepared? or do you only want to use communication tools with low risk?

(5) Understanding:

do you really grasp what the blogosphere is all about? or do you care nothing about the blog culture?

(6) Passion:

are you really enthusiastic about your industry and how your products benefit customers? or are you just an administrative type who could be heading any company?

(7) Transparency:

are you willing to be upfront about your vision and agenda? or do you have many things to hide from public scrutiny?


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