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Why your business needs a blogologist March 6, 2006

Posted by electrica in finding a good blogologist.

Your business needs a blogologist.


Because if you do your own blog, you could make serious mistakes that will adversely impact your business.

Because a blog lets you tell your story the way you want it told, convey the exact message you want to get across, with no media filters or distortions.

Because blogs are how many businesses are reaching out to consumers, and more importantly: listening to them.

Why listen to consumers?

Because that’s how you discover new marketing strategies, product lines, and product improvements.

Because that’s how you position yourself as an industry leader.

Because that’s how you create good word of mouth advertising:

“Company XYZ paid attention to me. They helped me solve the problem. They assisted me in choosing the perfect product for my needs. This company is worthy of my loyalty and I’ll be buying more from them.”

What a Blogologist Can Do
for Your Business

* determine if you can benefit from a blog

* determine if it should be an individual or team blog

* create your blog for public readership

* prevent your blog from causing more harm than help

* determine if you need intranet blogs for project collaborations

* create a name, description, URL for your blog

* determine who should be the company blogger

* define the goals and focus of your blog

* provide strategy for promoting your blog

* boost your blog search engine ranking

* explain proper composition of hypertext links for posts

* provide direction on blog design enhancements

* prevent comment spam, abusive remarks, and other cyber-vandalism

* write sample posts to provide direction, but never as a “ghost blogger” pretending to be the CEO or a fictional character

* monitor your blog and help you take advantage of emerging trends in blogging

* teach you or a designated “damage control” agent how to wage effective blogodiplomacy…or blogocombat

…and much more.

When I googled the word “blogologist”, on August 4, 2005, my blog ranked #13, 14, 20, 22, 25, and 31. Probably a lot more after that, but that’s where I stopped investigating.

Not too shabby given the fact that I have written very posts on “blogologist” specifically. And the fact that I never write with an eye on search engine rankings. It’s not keyword spamming that boosts your rank. It’s the frequent publishing of fresh, rich, relevant content.

For a limited time only, I will provide you with a free analysis of whether blogging and your business, or corporate culture, are compatible.

Find out if your business could benefit from a blog.

WARNING: If you wait to see if others in your industry can blog successfully, it’ll be too late for you to jump in. Your competitors will have already established their blogs as the authoritative resources.

Why lag behind and be perceived as a clueless imitator?

Let’s get your business blog into the blogosphere and watch it work.

Contact me today.

Contact me at:

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com




1. carrie - March 8, 2006

this blog seems distant and impersonal… maybe that is what you were going for… but, i enjoy it more when you use pictures/images and different fonts.
this one is very business-like…

just my two cents… just my impression….

you don’t have to publish this comment if you don’t want to, which you already know….

2. electrica - March 8, 2006

Each blog platform has its advantages and disadvantages. This one is not great for image uploads. But it is good for relevant post archive categories.

I’m glad you think this is more businesslike. That was a goal. This blog is for business professionals who think they may need a blog.

I will explain things in a very simple and direct manner. No elusive cryptic writing, none at all.

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