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Treasury of my best blogology essays March 2, 2006

Posted by electrica in basic blogology.

My idea for this blog is to write new, original posts on Business Blogging…and to import the very cream of the crop of previous articles that I published at my Vaspers the Grate blog.

Installing relevant archive categories at Vaspers blog is rather a pain in the bottom. So, my solution, rather clever if I do say so myself, is to simple import my best material, and *categorize them here*…a lesson for you, too.

I think I’m slightly adept at making my own “workarounds”. As an avid software Beta-tester, I have learned a lot of tricks to doing innovative things with blog platforms, VoIP, IT enterprise enhancements, using blogs in unconventional manners, and blog neologisms (new terminology for evolving best practices and leading edge tech).

I have experimented with blogs in Blogger, WordPress, MySpace, Frappr, Xanga, Busy Thumbs, JotSpot (wikis), and other platforms.

Corporate Blog Revolution will be your one-stop spot for simple tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and advanced methodology for seasoned pros.

It’s all for you, dear reader, and soon, you’ll be the smartest and most successful blogger in your industry.

I am absolutely sure of that!



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