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Definition of “blog” March 2, 2006

Posted by electrica in basic blogology.

[NOTE: this post will be updated as I continue to add more definitions, or viewpoints, of what what a “blog” really is.]

Blog = “web” + “log”

Blog = a frequently updated, author controlled, simple mini-web site.

Blog = A “log” or journal, or better: series of entries (“posts”), that exists on the web.

Blog = the democratization of web content, the tool that allows even non-tech, newbie computer users to quickly and easily publish content (text, images, audio, video, etc.) to a simple collection of web pages.

Blog = the vanguard of the New Share Economy, the elite stormtrooper of the New Social Media Revolution, the next step in the evolution of online marketing.

Blog = the new “business card”, “resume”, “pitch book”, “sales seminar”, “project collaboration platform”, “intranet communication vehicle”, “professional journal”, “PR tool” … or however you wish, and need, to use it.



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